As bad as things were, she didn’t want “out” — and felt shocked and unfathomably betrayed by our my unilateral decision to kill us both.

-Hugo Schwyzer in his own words [Jan 3, 2011]
See: What You Need To Remember, What You Need To Forget […] [cache]

Here, Hugo’s account of what happens directly contradicts what he recounted to Gina Messina-Dysert of The Feminist Theologian in their interview available on Youtube where he stated that she had told him multiple times that she did, in fact, “want out.” 

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How Hugo Schwyzer chooses to describe rape

When I found her, she smelled of sex and sweat and alcohol; as she climbed unsteadily into my truck, I noticed rope marks on her wrists and bruises on her arms and throat. She’d been with a dealer, and had paid a debt in a way that young female addicts sadly often pay it — but things had clearly gotten uglier than she’d expected.

She nestled next to me as I drove back to my apartment. She murmured softly, “I want a pizza. And I want you.” We got back to my little place on Sierra Madre Boulevard, stumbled in the door, shed our clothes and had the desperately hot, desperately heartbreaking sex we had had so often. And then I ordered the pizza. 

-Hugo Schwyzer in his own words [Jan 3, 2011]
See: What You Need To Remember, What You Need To Forget […] [cache]

This is how Hugo Schwyzer describes his girlfriend’s rape. “She smelled of sex” and she “had paid a debt” to her dealer. 

And then he is sure to include gratuitously sexual descriptions of what happened next, an account that adds nothing to the story, but hey, it’s okay. Hugo says he’s a feminist and would never include anything on his blog which positions a woman’s rape as titillation for the audience. 

Note: After receiving widespread criticism about this post (along with other things), somewhere between Jan 15 and Jan 19 of this year, Schwyzer took this post down from his blog and it is currently not available through Google cache. It was found through a Bing cache and as of the time of this writing (Jan 28, 2012), the cache is currently working. 

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I have “goes totally incommunicado citing vague (or inaccurately described) illness” in the Shit Hugo Schwyzer Will Do Next pool, by the way
Twitter user Praxibetel Ix [Jan 27, 2012]
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Hugo Schwyzer has proven, far beyond a shadow of a doubt, that he’s not a feminist by any definition I’ve ever used. But that’s much too faint a damning for him. Hugo has shown — through both past and present, ongoing actions — that he is a violent, manipulative, racist, misogynist, dishonest, self-aggrandizing abuser who is uninterested in accountability and doesn’t care who he hurts as long as it serves whatever his purpose is. And those who now continue to publish him, interview him, or otherwise give him a platform, knowing full well what he’s done and continues to do, are choosing to enable his destructive behavior while making their venues hostile to overlapping and intersecting communities of women, people of color, and survivors of sexual violence.
Jaclyn Friedman on the Yes Means Yes blog [Jan 27, 2012]
See:  On Hugo
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Murder-suicide is a crime committed almost exclusively by men, with their intimate partners their typical victims. In the post he wrote this morning, though, Schwyzer refers to the woman he tried to kill as “another human being” twice, as “another person” once, as his “ex” six times, but never as his lover, his girlfriend, a woman.

-Angus Johnston from Student Activism [Jan 4, 2012]
See: Herding Sluts: The Paternalistic Feminism of Hugo Schwyzer 

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Yeah, I tried to kill my ex. 
Why are you looking at me like that?

What? You bitches don’t
have a sense of humour? 

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It is sort of amazing to me how much Schwyzer is accepted among liberals when clearly reproduces in microcosm all of the worst features of the evangelical protestant right wing that keeps trying to take over the politics of the nation.
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Go ahead, call me paternalistic. I’ll wear that title with pride, thank you. I see my students not merely as independent, autonomous agents whom I need to empower, but as vulnerable young people whom I — and others around me — need to protect. And I still have the nerve to call myself a feminist.
Hugo Schwyzer in his own words [April 6, 2004]
See: Surgery, Sex, Shame and Paternalistic Feminism 
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“Schwyzer illustrates the ways in which white privilege is institutionalized in the movement: in addition to his own blog, he has access to highly influential feminist spaces, most of which are run by and cater to white women almost exclusively, many of which have a history of marginalizing women of color. White women’s disproportionate access to feminist institutions further affords them the privilege of dismissing the concerns of women of color, often painting their criticisms as “call out culture” or mob “take downs,” capitalizing on sexist stereotypes about female cattiness and racist stereotypes about women of color specifically as angry and irrational, and powerfully illustrating Audre Lorde’s complaint that “the anger of Black women” over racism in the movement is too often met “with excuses and pretexts of intimidation.” Time and again, the weight of the disproportionately white “mainstream” feminist blogosphere is mobilized against women of color who dare to name racism, while women of color only have each other and a handful of white allies to turn to for support. - by Feature Writer Grace in” Why do some feminist spaces tolerate male abusers?””

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I gave it my best shot, but no matter how many times I rub my eyes and look again, I will never see this Occupy Valentine’s Day stuff as anything but “Quick—look over here! Sssh, that’s enough about Hugo. Sssh! We have something new to protest!”

And that might work if ya hadn’t picked a holiday no one’s ever truly taken seriously.

Not to mention using “Occupy” really cheapens the original intent… Jesus. 

Distractions, distractions, distractions. 

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REBLOG: Swell138: more on hugo


one of the things about the hugo thing is that it reminds me of one of the scariest aspects of abuse.   it is really, really, really clear to me that hugo doesn’t give even a passing shit about the people he has raped, taken advantage of, and tried to kill.  not even one shit.  

and the thing about being close to an abuser is the amount of time a lot of people being abused spend thinking about the feelings of the abuser.  i don’t even want to use the word “rationalizing” from the perspective of the abused person, because i think a lot of it is just normal human thoughts.  ”he’s had such a hard life.”  ”he can be so sweet.”  ”to do this he must be hurting even more than i am.”  and it’s both hard as fuck to watch hugo talk and also…there is an easiness to it.  the former because it’s so clear that he just doesn’t care, and it is so hard to think that when i relate it to personal situations.  but a little easy in that…he isn’t really displaying any human characteristics, and that part makes it hard to relate to personal situations.  it gives a distance.  he really is not displaying one characteristic i would call “human.”  

all this talk about forgiveness and redemption….i feel like if i had a kid i would try to model a deep compassion that also knows when compassion is suicidal…..i don’t have any compassion for hugo.  he has not displayed himself to be human.  there are some abusive people i have either a real or theoretical compassion for….knowing that lots of it has to remain theoretical because you can’t give something when the gift is going to be ripped up and you or someone else is gonna get beaten with it.

and what remains genuinely, really strongly triggering to me are his woman supporters.  it’s so good to see people hating him….but the voices of his supporters are the loudest.  that’s just scary to me in ways that really give me chills.  while hugo’s own non-humanity actually cushions the chills he produces, it exacerbates the chills his supporters give me.  

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As of this writing, Jan 26, 2012, this is a working cache from Bing which I found after a bit of searching. In case this goes the way of the Google cache, I also have screenshots. 

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Every link I’ve followed attempting to find the original and infamous Schwyzer “I tried to kill my girl-friend; please tell me how awesome I am” post leads back to his website. And of course it’s been taken down. And the page admits, “This is somewhat embarrassing, isn’t it?” Complete with photo of the jack-ass himself wearing a truly self-congratulatory shit-eating grin.

It’s kinda perfect.

-I Blame The Patriarchy commenter hayduke [Jan 25, 2012]
See: Please Enjoy This Open Thread

 Does anyone have a working Google cache or screenshots of the original post from Schwyzer’s site? As many have pointed out, Schwyzer’s removed it since the controversy exploded and as of write now, I’m coming up empty handed when it comes to trying to give it out as reference. 

EDIT: Found it, y’all. I’m attaching the link… and if this shit gets taken down too, let me know… I have screenshots.,4bdbaf9c

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You know Hugo, you could have saved yourself some hefty legal fees if you’d listened to the women who’ve been telling you to shut up for years now.
Overheard on the Fuck No Hugo Schwyzer Facebook page
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I slept with students. I outed my ex.
I give young women sex advice… Daddy knows best.
And I get paid for this shit.

Why are you bitches
trying to ruin my career? 

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