REBLOG: FriendlyAngryFeminist: Reasons to Continue Blogging And Hating Hugo Schwyzer



He is a rapist. And when men “accidentally” rape women he says that the survivor is partly to blame for not making it clear enough when she wasn’t consenting

He tried to murder his ex-girlfriend. 

He thinks it’s dangerous to be a feminist all the time, comparing it to being in a cold body of water.

He’s a racist

He fetishizes lesbians.

Every single one of this dudebro-in-disguise’s actions are grotesque, notable particularly for their smug self-righteousness, total lack of awareness and chronic victim-blaming. But what really makes this awful is that this is a guy who is hailed and embraced as a feminist - as a feminist voice - by other feminists. These feminists who support him and defend him enable his predatory and creepy behaviour to continue.

In addition to this, he also habitually preyed on many barely-legal students he taught, notably after getting them drunk or drug-fucked. He has also falsified his actual qualifications. Oh, and he used to be pro-life.

The blog fucknohugoschwyzer is dedicated to exposing his predatory and discriminatory behaviour.

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