About Hell No, HUGO!

The blog Hell No, HUGO! came about as a response to the controversy that started in late 2011 surrounding Hugo Schwyzer and his place in feminism. 

What this blog aims to do is to provide a centralized source where feminists and non-feminists alike can come to get a clearer sense of what “Schwyzergate” is and why Hugo Schwyzer should not have a place in feminism. It is the firm belief of Hell No, HUGO! that while men can indeed be feminists (and recognizing the legitimate criticism of such a point), Hugo Schwyzer is not one of them and as a result should have no place in feminism or for that matter be teaching at any level any gender studies courses or being placed in a position of power over students given his history of abusing that power. 

Content on this blog is largely sourced from blog posts and their comments, Facebook discussions, and Tumblr commentary. When appropriate, credit will be given where credit is due. 

Due to the sensitive nature of Facebook including access to legal names, photos, home locations, etc., any comments found on Facebook regarding Schwyzer that are then posted here will not be credited in order to avoid making the commenters the target of Hugo’s often abusive and overzealous fanbase. If you end up being the target of harassment from someone from Mr. Schwyzer’s base, it is recommended that you report the user and also, if you feel comfortable with it, we would like you to let us know. If you feel comfortable sharing any comments made by Schwyzer’s base towards you and would like it to be published here (with their names redacted in the case of Facebook for the same reason that yours will, unless requested otherwise), please let us know and we will do our best to comply with this request. 

It goes without saying that if you should ever see or read something on Hell No, HUGO! that is yours and you would like it taken down, please let us know and after ascertaining that it is, indeed, your commentary, we will respectfully remove it from our site. Once something is posted, it should be noted, however, we do not have control over those who choose to reblog it before it is taken down.

This blog does not get into feminist/womanist pissing contests, does not advocate violence, and does not suffer fools (namely, Hugo Schwyzer fangirls and fanboys). Comments are open through Disqus for those who want to comment. Comments found to be abusive to other readers here or those from the aforementioned fools will be deleted. 

Most of all, this blog aims to give host to the diverse range of opinion among Schwyzer’s critics and as such, at the moment does not hold official positions on Schwyzer other than the stated goals of having him step away from teaching and writing for public consumption. Any views quoted here are strictly those of the individual quoted and posting them here does not count as an endorsement. 

If you want or need to contact us somewhere other than Twitter or through the comments section, you can drop us an email at hellnohugo@gmail.com

Fair warning: Any hateful or abusive emails sent to this address will be published on this blog, as will the name and email address they came from. Particularly egregious emails will have the IP address published as well. You’ve been warned. 

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